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Low cost courier deliveries is the UK’s leading courier quote service that has registered couriers and courier companies, bidding to deliver items for 24hrdelivery users. Often couriers are already en route so can bid at the most competitive rates to deliver the users items with savings anywhere up to 70%, meaning the courier rates quoted are often the cheapest courier services in the UK. Joining 24hrdelivery is free for users and couriers, with the only fees charged to the winning courier who bids to deliver your job. Easy to use, is has a built-in ebay compatibility function which allows you to save time by entering the item number you are selling (or bidding on) and this will automatically pull in the item description. Couriers can keep up to date with all of the latest jobs via our daily alerts,  twitter and facebook – 24hrdelivery is designed to drive down the cost of delivery, shipping, transportation and removals... Join and see for yourself!

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